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How to load data in Python using Scikit-Learn?

By Kausik Kar

This tutorial will show you how to load data sets in Python using Scikit-Learn (and also Pandas library). Basically, we will learn how to load data sets using 3 different methods: .... Read More

Create a simple Recurrent Neural Network using Keras

By Kausik Kar

Hello learners! Welcome to the tutorial on creation of a simple RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) using Keras TensorFlow API with the help of Python programming. We will first begin b.... Read More

Sklearn Objects – fit() v/s transform() v/s fit_transform() v/s predict()

By Kausik Kar

What is the difference between fit(), transform(), fit_transform() and predict()? This question has been arising a lot in our mind and every Machine Learning beginner does struggle.... Read More