Driver Drowsiness Detection using OpenCV and Keras in Python

By Value ML

In this tutorial. we will try to make a Driver Drowsiness Detection model with OpenCV and Keras in Python. For this particular model, we will try to detect whether the eyes of the .... Read More

Keras flatten operation in CNN models in Machine Learning

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RandomForest Classifer and Regressor in Machine Learning in Python

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RandomForest is a collection of Decision Trees. In other words, Decision Trees can be said as the basic unit for Random Forests. To understand RandomForest, we need to understand D.... Read More

Install TensorFlow with GPU support in Machine Learning

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Train an Object Detection Model with Keras

By Suchita Sriramka

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Cryptocurrency Price Prediction with LSTM using Machine Learning in Python

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Dropout Neural Networks in Machine Learning with Python

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Image Classification in TensorFlow CIFAR-10 in Python

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CIFAR-10 dataset is a collection of images used for object recognition and image classification. CIFAR stands for the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. There are 60,000 ima.... Read More

What does “shuffle” do in fit_generator in Keras TensorFlow

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Introduction to FaceNet – Facial Recognition System in Python

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In this tutorial, We will learn about FaceNet and how to implement it using Python. FaceNet learns a model neural network that encodes a face into vector embedding. These encodings.... Read More