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Create a simple Recurrent Neural Network using Keras

By Kausik Kar

Hello learners! Welcome to the tutorial on creation of a simple RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) using Keras TensorFlow API with the help of Python programming. We will first begin b.... Read More

How to rescale our image using TensorFlow in Python

By Sumit Chhirush

Hello programmers, in this tutorial, we will learn how to rescale our image using TensorFlow in Python. We can rescale the image by using ImageDataGenerator. ImageDataGenerator: It.... Read More

Data Augmentation of a Dog Image in Deep Learning

By Deepesh Singh

The quality, amount, and relevance of training data are all significant considerations in machine learning models, particularly deep learning models. One of the most prevalent prob.... Read More

Data preprocessing using tf.keras.utils.image_dataset_from_directory

By Amanpreet Singh

In this tutorial, we will learn about image preprocessing using tf.keras.utils.image_dataset_from_directory of Keras Tensorflow API in Python. This tutorial explains the working of.... Read More

Skin Cancer Detection using ResNet50

By Amanpreet Singh

In this tutorial, we’ll use Resnet50 with Keras TensorFlow in the backend to try to identify seven distinct types of skin cancer, then examine the results to see how the mode.... Read More

Loss functions in TensorFlow 2.0

By Amanpreet Singh

In this tutorial, we will learn about several types of loss functions and their implementation in Python using TensorFlow. What is the loss function? The loss function is often ref.... Read More

Driver Drowsiness Detection using OpenCV and Keras in Python

By Value ML

In this tutorial. we will try to make a Driver Drowsiness Detection model with OpenCV and Keras in Python. For this particular model, we will try to detect whether the eyes of the .... Read More

Keras flatten operation in CNN models in Machine Learning

By Value ML

In this section, we are going to look at various reasons for applying Keras flattening operation on CNN with Python. CNN involves working with images. Therefore, we will also look .... Read More

Train an Object Detection Model with Keras

By Suchita Sriramka

In this article, we will learn to train an object detection model in Keras using Mask RCNN. Object detection task is a difficult and important computer vision task but I will guide.... Read More

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction with LSTM using Machine Learning in Python

By Value ML

In this tutorial, we will learn about forecasting the prices of a Cryptocurrency with LSTM with the help of Machine Learning implemented in Python.  Cryptocurrency prediction has .... Read More